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Every new client is welcome to a free consultation. Please pop in to the salon or give us a call to arrange this and to find out how Rumours can ensure that whatever your age, male or female, you will leave the salon happy with your crowning glory.

Rumours’ comprehensive menu of treatments includes:


There’s a full range of colour services with special expertise in Organic Colour, Semi-Permanent and other colour options to enhance your look.

Tint Regrowth                                                                  35.00
Tint Regrowth Organic                                                   40.00
Tint Whole Head/Organic                                             On quotation
Semi-Permanent                                                             From 27.00
Highlights: Short – Medium Length                           65.00
Highlights : Long                                                            From 75.00
Highlights: Half Head                                                    From 40.00

Fashion Techniques (or Creative Colour?)                On quotation

Blow Dry                                                                          25.00
Blow Dry – Long Hair                                                   30.00


Cut                                                                                      25.00
Re-style Cut                                                                      30.00
Cut and Blow Dry                                                            45.00
Cut and Blow Dry Long Hair                                         50.00
Men’s Cut and Finish 25.00


Regular Wind – Short to Medium                                55.00
Regular Wind – Long                                                       65.00
Specialised Winding Techniques                                  On quotation


Amargan Deep Conditioning Treatment                    From 10.00


Under 5 years                                                                   7.00
6 – 11  Cut                                                                          10.00
6 – 11 Cut and Blow Dry                                                  18.00
12 – 14 Cut                                                                         15.00
12 – 14 Cut and Blow Dry                                                25.00
Plaiting, Curling etc.                                                        On quotation


Tint, Cut and Blow Dry                                                     75.00
Tint and Blow Dry or Cut                                                 57.00
Organic Tint, Cut and Blow Dry                                      80.00
Organic Tint and Blow Dry or Cut                                  62.00

New clients booking in for any hair colouring service will be required to have a patch test to ensure no allergic reaction at least 48 hours before the first treatment.

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